INTRODUCING - A Starter Pack To Help You Have an Intimate Conversation

52 Conversation Prompts

to help you deepen your connection with your loved one!

Let's be honest, you don't know how to start the conversation with your partner about your innermost fears and desires!

You are AFRAID that if you reveal what you are thinking, they may run away, think you are needy or reject you!

You want to share DEEPER conversations, share your NEED for something more or different but you are stuck on how to start!

It shouldn't be this hard to express yourself with your partner!

The best way to get your partner to know what you are thinking is to have a conversation where you are able to be your AUTHENTIC and TRUE SELF and I want to help you create that safe space where you and your partner can use words and actions to deepen your connection to each other!

There is so much joy, happiness, fun, pleasure and more love that awaits you and your partner as soon as you start sharing more of what you want them to know about you!

So let me ask you......

  • ​Are you struggling with knowing HOW to express yourself to your partner?
  • ​Do you wish you could bring up a topic for discussion without feeling AWKWARD or UNCOMFORTABLE?
  • Do you wish that you can have your partners undivided attention as you share your desires?
  • Do you wish that you knew how to inject some EXCITEMENT into your relationship?

your solution is here!


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What Are The Intimacy Cards - Starter Pack? 

The Intimacy Cards contain 52 questions, Dares and Dare Now prompts to help you in demonstrating your love for each other through WORDS and ACTIONS. It contains questions for discussion and for deepening your connection. It also has Dare to give you both the opportunity to experience something different, inject some excitement and MOST IMPORTANTLY, have fun while using the cards together.

Use these cards daily, weekly or monthly to build intimacy through conversation. Learn to be vulnerable, seen, loved and open. You will both be able to speak from the heart with less fear and apprehension. WATCH your love for each other GROW and DEEPEN!
Who needs these cards.....?
Anyone in a RELATIONSHIP or is open to starting a relationship who want to get to know their partner intimately and get to know themselves intimately also!

It is my mission for EVERY couple to have a set of INTIMACY CARDS as part of their toolkit for enjoying a truly loving and deeply connected relationship where they can express themselves freely and truly!  No one in a relationship should ever feel Lonely, Unloved, Unseen, Unheard and Disconnected from the person they love!

These cards are your 'go-to' for intimate conversations that really works in Improving Intimacy!
Get the INTIMACY GIFT SET instead as a Wedding or Anniversary gift for people you love.

How To Use The Intimacy Cards

Just like a normal deck of playing cards, shuffle it and pick a random card and follow the instructions.

There are 2 blank cards which you can complete yourself and use that on each others birthday or whenever you choose

You can divide the cards into the 3 categories available ( Discussion Ideas, Dare and Dare Now) and pick randomly from each collection weekly so it can last you the whole year.

You can try all 3 ways to increase intimacy and choose what works best for you!
The most important thing is that you are committed, open, honest, willing to deepen your connection with your partner

 Use 1 card and feel your connection deepen immediately

Normally £29.99

On Offer  ONLY £19.99 

About The Creator

Duchess Iphie is a Relationship, Sex  and Intimacy Coach who specialises in Intimacy issues.  
She has a Diploma in Psychosexual Therapy and has been running her coaching practice for almost 2 years.  She has also has a BSc in Business Economics, Diploma in Compliance and Business Analysis.  She has spent over 15 years in the Financial Sector and Adjudication.
She is a mum to 2 teenagers!

She has a passion for couples from BAME backgrounds due to religious and cultural upbringing that can affect Intimacy in their relationships . This can create constant friction in a relationship especially when there is no one to speak to in confidence who truly understands these barriers and provide tools in overcoming them.  

She has worked with couples and individual to help them recognise that the desire for love is actually a desire for more intimacy in their relationship.  During the course of coaching her clients and personal experience, she has recognised that there is an inherent difficulty in being vulnerable and discussing a new way of loving each other.   This is how the INTIMACY CARDS were created!

It is her mission to ensure every couple has these cards as part of their tools to deepen their connection and bring back the excitement in their relationship without the high costs of counselling and coaching.  She is also the founder of The Intimacy Circle where individual can learn more about themselves, their love languages, how to gain confidence in their relationship and communicate effectively to avoid misunderstandings.
She is now on a mission to inform couples about what INTIMACY is and how to improve it, so that couples can enjoy a relationship that meets their innermost desires.

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Normally £29.99

 On offer ONLY £19.99